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Manifesting with Florence Membership

You’ve read the books written by Florence Scovel Shinn – and – you – love – them:

  • The Game of Life and How to Play It
  • The Secret Door to Success
  • Your Word is Your Wand
  • The Power of the Spoken Word
  • The Magic Path of Intuition
  • The Game of Life Workbook – Kate & Florence (includes The Game of Life)
  • The Secret Door to Success: Your Manifesting Blueprint – Kate & Florence (includes The Secret Door to Success)

When you’re in the thick of immersing yourself in the power of Florence’s words, the book is almost another appendage to your body!  It’s like seeing clearly through your third eye or having an additional hand to help you carry life’s burdens, challenges and trials.

You feel empowered and you KNOW with every-cell-of-your-body…

…that improving your life IS Possible!

Your life has moments that are EXTRAORDINARY and you’re standing there in “awe” and gratitude at what just happened.


…life has a tendency to blindside you and get between you and your bliss where your magic books and your wonderful life are concerned…

Good grief!

It feels as though the universe is dumping on you for setting your intention to improve your life!

Why does this happen?

Because Florence’s teachings are P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L

When you read Florence’s books,

you’re taken on a powerful, magical journey.

A journey that reveals the Subconscious Beliefs

that have been blocking you from receiving

all that’s yours by Divine Right.

This journey has 5 stages.

The 5 Stages of The Game of Life Journey

Stage 1 – Prayers Answered:  You’ve been praying for help – whether consciously or subconsciously – for someone or some kind of life manual to help you improve your life. Then you’re introduced to Florence Scovel Shinn’s teachings and the Game of Life Journey begins!   You feel that stir of empowerment energy within and you begin to receive blessings left and right – life IS full of promise and possibility – you can FEEL it in the very cells of your body. HOWEVER, this amazingness is short lived when Stage 2 shows up…

Stage 2 – Blessings and Roller Coaster:  With the expansion of your awareness comes the contraction… It’s like being on a roller coaster of UPS and DOWNS – blessings abound, then adversity strikes triggering old thought patterns and beliefs – and you’re left standing there, dumbfounded, wondering, “what the heck just happened?” You use what tools you have to overcome this, but at times, the roller coaster up and down can be too much, and Stage 3 enters left…

Stage 3 – Distracted:  You’ve been holding your own, but next thing you know… LIFE distracts you.  Feelings and emotions are coming up that want your attention, but you’re putting fires out left and right to get through the day.  You’re knocked off that life wall of empowerment over fear that you’ve been straddling and survival mode kicks in.  Oy vey… but miraculously… along comes Stage 4

Stage 4 – The Return:  Aha! You remember… Florence’s door is always open! And when you read her words today, their power speaks to you at an entirely new level and your empowerment, strength and perseverance is stronger. Upon reflection you can see how life distracted you and you NEVER want to go back to fear controlling your life! You fight tooth and nail to maintain your confidence and empowerment, executing strength and stamina to achieve… Stage 5

Stage 5 – Mastery:  With empowered commitment you manage to stay the course, but it’s not easy doing it alone, because life’s hurricane winds of fear threaten you and you know in your heart, they can blow you off course. You’ve worked hard at overcoming challenges and all those times it felt like the universe was dumping on you!  You know that to relieve the threat of being devoured by the world’s fear and maintain the empowered strength within you, you need a supportive hand…

…. the Manifesting with Florence Membership …the Inner Circle.

How do you overcome the hiccups of the 5 stages?

You become a member of the

Manifesting with Florence Membership

…the Inner Circle

of course!

If you’re in Stage 1, as a Member you will:

* learn the simple action steps to achieve that empowered, “limitless possibility” feeling you get reading Florence’s teachings – when – you’re – NOT – reading
* firmly set a new foundation for peace, empowerment, and mastery to create and live your version of heaven on earth

RESULT: you’ve anchored your journey to make your life easier, fun, and happy consistently! You FEEL like you fit, are valued, and supported.  Plus you have experienced hands of support to lead you through stages 2, 3, and 4 – all the way to mastery at stage 5.

If you’re in Stage 2, as a Member you will:
* learn ‘why,’ ‘how,’ and ‘what to do’ when adversity strikes
* manage and transform the roller coaster activity of adversity/blessings to a golden opportunity to create the highest possible outcome through simple action steps with empowered confidence

RESULT: you’re less stressed and know how to implement energy management and focus, plus you’re seeing and feeling yourself FLOwing in ease and grace with more confidence that supports you to confidently overcome stage 3 and 4 to reach stage 5!

If you’re in Stage 3, as a Member you will:

* expand your awareness and power to transform challenges that distracted you in the past to your own personal power play that opens the way to manifest and live the life your heart really wants
* learn simple action steps that turn a hose on stress/overwhelm and kick anxiety to the curb so you can manage your life from a confident state of empowered stamina – knowing the action steps to take to create the highest possible outcome in all areas of your life

RESULT: your life is FLOwing — peace within has become a much firmer foundation for your lifestyle and you’re waking up feeling the promise of hope and possibility — you’re creating your magnificent reality much more consistently and stage 4 is but a stepping stone to stage 5.

If you’re in Stage 4, as a Member you will:

* fearlessly see your life with new, empowered eyes with clarity to discern what you really want and consciously choose to live it
* know what to do when worry, stress, anxiety or overwhelm threaten your inner peace – they won’t stand a chance

RESULT: You FEEL that excitement of possibility within you and know what to do to live your heart’s desires as your reality – you’re mastering a more consistent state of empowerment and confidence and stage 5 is but a breath away…

If you’re in Stage 5, as a Member you will:

* fearlessly live this new paradigm of living – your new lifestyle – that YOU have created through your own power
* continue to learn invaluable simple action steps that support your life journey
* receive empowered support on a continuous basis that supercharges your energy and miraculously moves you forward day after day

RESULT: your version of heaven on earth is clear and you’re living it – fearlessly, confidently, course correcting as necessary – implementing simple action steps to maintain that excited, empowered feeling that in the beginning was only achieved by reading Florence’s books.

Your Square of Life Fulfilled

You’ve mastered your Game of Life... 

You can live your version of heaven on earth, but every day won’t be rainbows and unicorns.

Let’s face it…

You live in a human body that is affected by the fear energies that run rampant on Mother Earth – especially in today’s chaos of pandemic, natural disasters and people just being mean to one another.  However… the membership will support you and remind you of your support tools to overcome the chaos and BE happy, no matter what’s going on around you.  We will support you to shine the light of your divinity brightly to dissipate the darkness of chaos’s fear.No more winging it on your own.

As a valued member of the Inner Circle, you’ll be welcomed, supported and loved – and if you’re like me… and haven’t felt like you truly fit in anywhere…  you’ll feel like you FIT – because you do!

If you’re a member of the Florence Scovel Shinn Private Facebook group, you know that warm fuzzy feeling of fitting in – its a wonderful community.  The difference between the Facebook community and this private membership is structure and deep dive materials at your fingertips that show you and support you step-by-step to take Florence’s teachings to a new level of mastery — something that simply cannot be fully achieved with the private Facebook community alone.

The membership materials and LIVE calls teach what your power really is, and how to manage and focus it to improve all areas of your square of life and everything in between.

You’ll have access to easy to understand information as to “why” you get challenged when you set your intention to improve your life, but instead you get blindsided by some form of adversity.

You’ll have step-by-step skills — a very-special-set-of-skills — at your fingertips that teach you what to do to overcome experiences that feel like the universe is dumping on you.

Yes!  Say goodby to that pit of despair!

In short, you’ll have access to Florence’s teachings
through 21st century concepts, structures and detailed action steps
that “show you” how and what to do to ultimately create and
live the happy life that’s yours by divine right.

All you have to do is implement your new very – special – set – of – skills – and you can do that, right?

PLUS… you’ll have the loving support of fellow students of Florence’s teachings! 

No – More – Struggling – On – Your – Own!

Awesome, right?!!!

Would you like to cut YEARS off the struggle and get to the goodies?

Included in the membership:

  • Monthly Treatment Call – LIVE – call is recorded
  • Monthly Tutor/Coaching Call – LIVE – call is recorded
  • Monthly Game of Life Module Call – video/transcript/action steps/discussion
  • Monthly Facebook discussion of Florence’s teachings + Call
  • Private MEMBERSHIP FB community
  • Game of Life Manifesting Playbook in PDF format – created specifically for the membership to record your experience and see your progress.  The PDF version is included in the membership subscription, however if you wish to own the playbook in paperback form, you may purchase it from Amazon
  • Private website for the membership

** Calls are recorded and available to download to your devices on the private membership website.

The private membership website includes:

  • Videos that detail the Game of Life Journey Stages
  • Foundation Basics that are life changing all by themselves!
  • Game of Life Modules that are short, to the point and include videos, transcripts and action steps
  • Recordings of the LIVE calls
  • Game of Life Hacks
  • Game of Life Soul Food
  • PDF file of The Game of Life Manifesting Playbook (if you prefer to download and print yourself)

ATTENTION:  The Game of Life Manifesting Playbook, Step-by-Step Guidance for the Manifesting with Florence Membership was created specifically to support the members of the Manifesting with Florence membership.  It is available in paperback form at Amazon or a downloadable PDF within the membership.

The playbook in paperback format is NOT included in your membership subscription.  You may purchase the paperback separately at Amazon OR you may download and print the PDF file from your account at the private website.

You may purchase the playbook from Amazon prior to becoming a member of the Manifesting with Florence Membership, however, you MUST have an active subscription to the membership to gain access to the videos and call materials referenced in the playbook.

The Game of Life Manifesting Playbook, Step-by-Step Guidance for the Manifesting with Florence Membership

Publisher: ‎ Waiting in the Other Room Productions (August 29, 2021)
Language: ‎ English
Paperback: ‎ 299 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0982606184
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0982606186
Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 1.65 pounds
Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8 x 0.68 x 10 inches

This is your invitation to join the Manifesting with Florence Membership …the Inner Circle.

Hi, I’m Kate.

For the past three decades I’ve implemented Florence’s teachings to heal the wounds of my life and BE happier.

For the past two decades I’ve helped thousands of Florence’s students who were struggling to implement her teachings consistently.

I taught them simple step-by-step skills that brought Florence’s 100 year old teachings into the 21st century and showed them how to implement those skills on a consistent basis.

We did this through The Game of Life Workbook, The Game of Life Mastery Program and Masterminds.

We loved our time together and the students improved their lives.

The only problem was… the workbook, mastery program and masterminds had a completion date.

The Manifesting with Florence Membership has no completion date – it does not end.

It’s a virtual community that’s structured to lovingly support you to understand Florence’s teachings at a deeper level and implement them into your 21st century world.

It’s a safe space to ask questions, discuss and see how energy works – and I do mean “See.”  I employ Ima Miracle Magnet, my stick man, to show you how to manage and focus your energy to achieve the results you want.

The membership is not a class, but it does provide materials and LIVE calls that teach you what you need to know to deftly flow through today’s world of chaos and fear to live your happiest square of life.

I would love to welcome you and support you to improve your life consistently!

PS – The doors to the Manifesting with Florence … the Inner Circle, are currently closed.  Please use the form below to be notified when the doors open again!